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Nexans is a technological benchmark in the cable industry for power and data transmission. It has production facilities in 34 countries and nearly 26 thousand employees. Their work is inspired by the corporate purpose of «giving life to energy», and they make essential interconnections possible for the current and future development of the world.


In order to capture opportunities in global trends, such as energy transition, digital transformation and electric mobility, the company has focused on agility, efficiency and value creation for customers in key markets. The company has also placed emphasis on promoting renewable energy through product innovation and cabling solutions.


Nexans is listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange. By the end of 2020, its market value amounted to the equivalent of 3,200 million USD. Invexans has participated in this multinational since 2008, and has had significant influence since 2012, which is why it records this investment using the equity method.


Currently, at least one of the three directors elected by Invexans participates in the committees of the Board of Nexans.


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stake in Invexans



€ 7,400 M

In sales in 2021

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