Our approach

Invexans began its international mission in 2008, when it acquired participation in the French company Nexans. This occurred as part of the sale of the regional copper cables business developed by its legal predecessor, Madeco.


From Invexans Limited, a subsidiary established in London, Invexans carries out the prospecting, analysis and development of new businesses at a global level. It also promotes the value creation in the companies in which it participates as the main shareholder.


Invexans currently owns 28.4% of Nexans through its subsidiary in the United Kingdom, and 100% of the Chilean company Enex.


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In line with the objectives of our main shareholder, in each investment, Invexans seeks to:

Strengthen and reinforce value creation in the main businesses

maintain a controlled expansion

promote the formation of strategic alliances

acquire businesses to create long-term value

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